All In Multitool Fits Inside Crank Spindle, Adds a Bike Chain Breaker

The All in Multitool fits inside a mountain bike crank spindle, and includes a chain breaker plus hex and Torx bits.

100% Made in Italy

With the addition of a bike chain breaker, the sturdy spindle-mounted toolset from All In Multitool just got a little sweeter. Now riders can hit the trail with even less gear in a pocket or pack.

Located only 30 minutes from the Slovenian/Italian border, the city of Udine is home to some rich culture and impressive architecture. The northern metropolis is also the home of All In Multitool inventor Giacomo Macoratti. Together with his business partner Alice, the pair design, test, create, market, ship, and sell their tools. All of this takes place after Giacomo’s full-time teaching gig, where he lectures on structural engineering.

The tool fits inside the crank spindle.

While playing with the All In Multitool V1 for the first time I was pleasantly reminded of my childhood desire to be an “inventor” when/if I grew up. The tractor-drive-shaft-like joint and solid mechanical feel of the tool inspire the confidence that it will do the trick on long rides, far from any workshop. The magnetized parts of the tool secure the smaller tool bits and act as a third hand to hold bolts and screws in place. When I heard Giacomo and Alice were making a new model I immediately emailed to ask if I could review it. Giacomo sent one my way the following day.

V1 Left, V2 Right (The chain breaker is in the handle)

Technical features

The All In Multitool is held inside a steel BB spindle with seven high-resistance magnets, and those same magnets keep the following bits in place: T25 Torx, #1 Philips screw bit, 3-6 hex bits, space for 1 chain masterlink (link not included), and a bike chain breaker (V2 only).

All of the bits fit snugly into a magnetized, angular bit driver which provides enough leverage for nearly any screw or bolt on a mountain bike. It is possible to customize and replace any of the bits with those you prefer, and bits are generally available at local hardware stores. Unlike the color palette of the original tool, the new version will only be available in stealth black. The black anodization is said to better stand up to the rigor its use as a chain tool.

It’s as simple as that.

The new chain breaker feature is one that All In Multitool customers have been asking for, and Giacomo wanted to be sure when adding it that the tool would retain its very strong, long-lasting, and easy-to-use characteristics. By putting the chain breaker in the handle, the tool not only retains its former positive attributes but provides one of the lightest and simplest chain tools on the market. Simply remove the round handle from the body of the tool, insert the 4mm hex bit, and open the chain-pin by loosening the bolt on the outer face of the handle. From there, it works exactly as any other chain tool would.

Crankset compatibility

The All In Multitool will work in nearly any hollow steel crank spindle with an internal diameter greater than 21mm. This includes most Shimano MTB cranks, many SRAM cranks, and several others. For compatibility questions, contact All In Multitool here.

For those of us who like to ride without a bag, this sneaky multitool is worth every penny.

Pricing is set at 67.90€ (roughly $80) and pre-orders will begin in mid-June, 2018.

Thanks to All in Multitool for providing the V2 for review.