MTB Helmets, Armor, Saddles, and Tires From THE industries and ITS


At Interbike on Wednesday I just had to check out THE and ITS. If you remember a while back I wrote a few articles on the ITS tires as well as THE’s INK helmet. At the show I talked to Pete Dylewski and Toby Henderson, both super nice guys, and they walked me through the entire line up of whats new and exciting. I have to say there is going to be some super cool looking stuff coming from THE this year. With 10 new helmet graphics and revamped gear and armor offerings, the 2010 line up is going to be something to watch for.

Introducing the INK2, now in carbon and the CELTIC in composite.


Here are the TIKI and the BIOTIC, both in carbon.


These are only 4 of the 10 helmets and the other six are just as nice. The armor also is worth taking a peek at – check out the full knee and arm protectors below. They even have pads for the little ones in the family.


For those of you who need even more protection, THE offers full upper armor; here is the new Storm upper body armor.


THE even offers MTB saddles.


ITS has revamped the entire line with new graphics and tweaked tire compounds. In 2010 ITS tires will be all black instead of the familiar grey and black. ITS also simplified things a bit by color coding the hot patch on the side of the tire: red for XC, blue for AM, green for FR and gold for DH. This new color system will help riders choose the right series of tires at a glance.

For XC, ITS still offers System 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. For AM, FR, and DH you have the Edge, Invader (formally DH), 909, Intruder, Zero and Spike.


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