Motorex Lubricants For Your Mountain Bike

Ever since Interbike I have been spending a ton of time assembling and rebuilding my bikes. To make the job go more smoothly (pun intended) I’ve been using Bike Line products from Motorex.

Bearing Lubrication

I recently assembled two new bikes (DH and trail) and repacked a few wheelsets and pedals and needed a decent grease that would provide excellent wear resistance while slowing water infiltration and damage. For this job, Motorex’s Bike Grease 2000 fit the bill perfectly. The photo above left shows fresh, clean Bike Grease 2000 in place after the bearing was cleaned. The photo on the right shows the bearing before being repacked. The funny thing is that the wheel was still working well but even with a sound design and good seals, water still can migrate into the bearings and begin to displace the grease. Bike Grease 2000 has a superior film strength to help prevent that from happening.

Chain, Pivot Points, and Bottom Bracket

For lubricating the small pivot points and of course the chain I used both the wet and dry lubes from Motorex. The lubes (both wet and dry) work very well. The dry lube takes a little time to set so it’s best to apply it well in advance of your ride. The wet lube stays on evenly in mud soaked situations without washing off right away, protecting the chain from dirt and grime invasion.

The photo below shows the spot where I like to add a bit of lubrication to prevent bad things from happening to the bottom bracket. The last thing you want is for the bearing cup to seize in your bike which could make a mess of the cups themselves and possibly kill your frame. An added measure of good, quality grease makes for easy installation and removal down the road.


Now this is truly cool: the Motorex Easy Clean degreaser uses the same carrying agents (Aliphatic Hydrocarbons) as the lubes themselves so they work hand in hand without killing paint or rubber seals. Unlike some other companies, Motorex manufactures all their products themselves and do not outsource to multiple vendors.

Bleeding Brakes & Frame Waxing

During a recent brake bleed I decided to go with the high performance DOT 5.1 (boils at 180C / 355F) from Motorex. I have to say the fluid flows exceedingly well through narrow brake lines and calipers. For general frame maintenance, Motorex offers a perfect spray and wipe wax called Bike Shine.

After using these products on multiple rigs I can that these are decent products. However, to get the best performance you really need to use both the lubes and degreaser from Motorex since they are designed to be paired together. Think of it as a high performance maintenance system rather than individual products.

Check out these and other fine products at Motorex’s website. I would also like to thank the folks at Motorex for providing these products for review.

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