Maloja NuotM Waterproof Mountain Bike Shorts Review

The Maloja NuotM mountain bike shorts are waterproof and feature a highly adjustable waist.
Photo: Megan Chinburg

While living in western Oregon for fifteen years I had the pleasure of testing a lot of rain gear, but never waterproof shorts. When I read that Maloja offers Gore-tex riding shorts, I was keen to give them a try.

The Maloja NuotM shorts utilize Gore-Tex Paclite technology, and feature 65% Polyester and 35% ePTFE materials. The waistband is highly adjustable with two hook-and-loop straps, and closes with two snap buttons and a small zipper. There are also zipped pockets on either hip that double as leg vents.

On the seat side, a hyper-reflective band stretches across the rear to let drivers know you’re there, and a large chunk of sturdy fabric reinforces the seat and crotch of the shorts. The inseam on this particular model is slightly shorter than some modern MTB shorts at 31cm (12.2″), though Maloja makes far longer cuts if you prefer.

With all of the puddles we have been riding through recently I expected to feel water soak through or seep in at some point. It never did. These shorts are legitimately waterproof.

I wear a size small and had no problem cinching the waistband around my 30″ waist. The small would definitely fit someone with up to a 32″ or 33″ waist, and the full size run stretches from XS to XXL.

I like clothes that I don’t have to think about, and these shorts are great for that. They stayed in place on every ride, even when I buzzed them on my rear tire a few times. The NuotM are packable, and the material is light enough that they could be worn on warmer spring spins.

NuotM shorts retail for roughly $229 USD.

Photo: Megan Chinburg

If you’re a foul-weather peddler, and you want to stay dry on days when it is too warm for rain pants, these shorts offer a solid option. Based on my experience, the price of Maloja’s rain gear is justified in the fabric quality and detailed construction.

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