Kids Ride Shotgun Has a New Seat For Munchkins That’s Easier to fit on More Mountain Bikes

This latest kids bike seat from Kids Ride Shotgun is designed to avoid touching most mountain bike frames.

The engineers at Kids Ride Shotgun in New Zealand have a new offering that will allow you to skip the babysitter and get into the forest with your kids. They have retained all the best parts of their Shorgun seat and bumped them up a bit with the Shotgun Pro.

The most obvious improvement they made is that the kid carrier no longer touches your bike frame. Up front, it attaches to a ring that takes the place of stem spacers, and the mount includes two of those rings so you can keep two different bikes ready to roll. The rear clamp grabs the girth of all modern dropper post sizes, leaving the middle to bridge across your bike like a balance beam.

The new Shotgun Pro kid sitter is designed to work with muscle bikes and e-bikes alike. You can pick one up for $250 on the Kids Ride Shotgun website.