Talk About a Long Wheelbase! This Split Wheel Mountain Bike is Rideable

At first glance it appears there’s a glitch in the photo. Watch the video, however, and you’ll see this bike is totally rideable! The Q is a group based in Ukraine and they produce videos showing all kinds of wacky inventions like this one.

From The Q YouTube channel:

I bet you have never seen anything like this and yes, it’s fully working bicycle you can ride every day 😂 This is how regular math looks: 0.5+0.5=1 so, in bikematics it sould works as well. You might have noticed some changes in this channel. Right now we have faced tough times (because we’re from Ukraine) so your like and subscription is really important. Thanks for support and have a great day.

A piece of foam, similar to a tire insert, seems to give the tires their shape despite being hacked in half. There are even disc brake rotors on both halves of the rear wheel since only one of the wheels is fully in contact with the ground at a time.

It’s a cool and creative concept at the very least. What do you think?

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