Jet Powered Mountain Bike

Just came across this post about a jet-powered mountain bike using an AMT miniature gas turbine jet engine. This mini rocket booster is designed for propelling remote control airplanes which explains the setting for this video (embedded at the bottom of this post). Cranked up, the engine sounds badass but it’s a letdown to see the guy puttering along slower than he could pedal. The mountain bike looks like a Specialized Stumpjumper and the rocket mount seems top-notch (though perhaps a little overdesigned for the amount of power the jet ultimately produces).

Notice how the rider mounts the bike by swinging his leg over the back of the bike, right through the jet wash. He probably felt a little hot air back there – but who even gets on a bike like that anyway? I guess he’s lucky he didn’t burn his boots or his pants. It also seems like the rider doesn’t actually get to control the jet – the guy with the remote appears to be working the throttle. Yikes!

We’re waiting for a more powerful version of the jet before we strap one of these onto our mountain bike. 🙂

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