ION Traze Select Hybrid Jacket Review: Packable, Wind and Water Resistant

The Ion Traze Select jacket fits great, is well vented, and is water-resistant for cool rides when the sky can't decide if it wants to rain.

Photos: Gerow

Some days I look up the weather report and have no clue what to wear for my ride.

However, if there is a potential for rain showers, temperatures below 60° Fahrenheit (15.5° C), and heaps of fun to be had, I now know that Ion’s packable Traze Select Hybrid Jacket is a good one to bring along.

Megan Chinburg modeling the Traze Select jacket for a run in Sestri Levante, Italy. I will have to be able to catch her if I want it back, as she immediately loved the fit.

The back, hood, and sleeves of the jacket are made from a water-resistant material that is lined with a mixed layer of polyester and elastane, keeping puddle spray on the outside where it belongs. The rest of the jacket is a soft stretchy combination of 82% polyester and 18% polyurethane. Together these materials are quite warm, making the strategically placed vent holes a welcome feature.

I pedaled in the Traze Select jacket on several rides where the temperature dipped below 40°F and I felt pleasantly warm. On the flip side, even with the ventilation features, I found the jacket too warm for any ride above 60°F.

While riding sustained climbs on cooler days, I like having the Traze Select in my pack for when I reach the summit and can put it on to keep warm on long descents. Overall the Traze Select is a warm and cozy piece of gear for the unpredictable shoulder seasons we enjoy in northern Italy.

Wearing a half-shell helmet, I tried out the hood but found the bulky fabric under my helmet uncomfortable. For folks with smaller heads, the hood may be a more pleasant feature.

This pocket mounted goggle wipe gets a cleaning every time you wash the jacket, keeping it ready to clear your lenses. Laser-cut armpit perforations continue down along the side and on the front collar to keep fresh air flowing throughout.

The decidedly ergonomic fit eliminates any need for wrist-closure adjustment straps and keeps the jacket in place while you ride. There are no waistband adjusters or pull-straps on the hood, and it doesn’t need any. The lack of straps and flaps keeps the jacket lighter and more packable than a lot of similar soft shells.

Features & Specs

  • Water-resistant back, hood, and arms
  • Two zippered breast pockets
  • Integrated lens wipe
  • Flexible hood fits beneath your helmet
  • Sizing: S-XXL (chest circumference 33.5″-45″)
  • Colorways: Black, Isover Pink, Sea Green (Shown)
  • Actual weight: 426g (size small, including a little mud)
  • €199.95


My favorite element of the Traze Select jacket is the fit. It is tight enough to keep from flapping in the wind, with ample space and stretch to allow for layers and mobility. If the green bits were also waterproof the jacket might be more versatile, though it might not breathe as well as it does with the additional waterproof fabric. For colder days when the clouds are confusing, this is a great piece of gear.

The black panels are highly water-resistant, keeping riders dry on days with intermittent rain showers.

Thanks to ION for providing the Traze Select for review.