Introducing Bontrager’s New WaveCel Helmet Technology, Designed to Reduce Concussions

Trek / Bontrager claims their new mountain bike helmets reduce the chance of concussion significantly.
Blaze Mountain Helmet. All photos from Trek Bicycles

Mountain biking walks the tightrope between leisure and extreme sport, with riders falling from their bikes on either side of the line. When we fall, we rarely do so in a direct or linear fashion, rather rolling and sliding our way to a halt.

Over the past four years, Bontrager’s research and design teams have been working with a pair of doctors to develop a helmet that will better protect cyclists during rotational and direct impacts alike. The resulting WaveCel technology is reportedly 48 times better at reducing a rider’s likelihood of sustaining a concussion than a standard foam helmet.

WaveCel tech is designed to transfer the energy of an impact in three main ways. “On impact, the layers of the WaveCel material move independently and flex until the cell walls crumple and then glide, actively absorbing direct and rotational energy and redirecting it away from your head.” Bontrager claims that WaveCel’s energy-shifting properties will prevent nearly 99 out of 100 concussions.

The new tech is only available in Bontrager helmets, sold via authorized Trek and Bontrager dealers. The additional 53g of weight WaveCel packs into the helmet allows Bontrager to use less foam in the shell, reportedly providing a better fit and more breathable construction throughout.

Given the protective layer’s “flex, crimple, glide” behavior upon impact, WaveCel-fortified helmets needs to be replaced after a single crash. Fortunately, Bontrager offers a free crash replacement within the first year of purchase.

Blaze WaveCel Mountain helmet

In addition to its claimed 99% concussion-reduction properties, Bontrager’s Blaze WaveCel Mountain helmet is equipped with some thoughtful features for your trail adventure. The retention system uses a Boa strap to keep things tight and tidy, and a flock magnetic chinstrap will keep it planted where you put it. The Blaze includes a mount suitable for your action-camera, or Bontrager light accessories.

  • WaveCel advanced technology
  • Boa adjustment system
  • Fidlock chinstrap buckle
  • Free crash replacement in the first year
  • Blendr mount system for a light or camera
  • Sizes: small 380g, medium 420g, large 448g
  • $299.99USD, available online at

If you are stoked to get a heads-on feel for the new lid, head over to your local Bontrager dealer and try one on.