Interbike Tidbits Part I

Some cool notes that don’t warrant a full post:


The most expensive hardtail I’ve ever seen. The Lapierre Prorace 900 retails for a cool $6,999 (at least it’s under 7 grand) and I imagine almost half that cost goes toward the SRAM XX components. See that guy standing behind the bike? I’m pretty sure he just threw up in his mouth a little when he saw the price tag 🙂


IMBA is stronger than ever. The annual IMBA breakfast this morning was standing room only and not just because of the free food and coffee. IMBA Ride Centers are in various stages of development all over the country and we got to see a preview of a documentary about mountain bike trail advocacy in Oregon (the name of which escapes me at the moment). Very exciting times for trail building.


Ok, so maybe I’m the only one who is interested in this but the Redline d660 got a pretty sweet new paint job for 2010. Don’t worry, the d660 still rocks the 1×9 drivetrain and 29er wheels.

Cool pics below, from first to last: element22 burning up the trail at Bootleg Canyon on a Yeti ASR 5, the Outdoor Demo DH shuttle, and the sweet snakeskin-like paint job on the carbon Ellsworth Enlightenment 29er.




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