All the Lubes and Greases a Mountain Biker Needs

A selection of the lubes and greases you need to keep your mountain bikes spinning smoothly.

Following our interview with World Cup mechanic Brad Copeland, we decided to dive into lubes and greases to see what’s out there. Specialized products can keep our bikes running smoothly and even yield performance results. The good news is you can get away with a couple of the essentials just as long as you’re not spraying WD40 on everything.

Rock N Roll Gold Lube


Great value, everyday chain lube.

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Tri-Flow Superior Lubricant

$10.38 | $9.25 sale

There are many uses for Tri-Flow, including shifter cable lubrication.

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CeramicSpeed UFO Drip Chain Coating


Make your chain feel like a factory-treated, race-day chain with this favorite.

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Finish Line Fiber Grip


Use a carbon paste instead of anti-seize on carbon frames and parts for more clamping friction without over torquing.

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Motorex Copper Paste Anti-Seize


An anti-seize grease in the bottom bracket area can help prevent corrosion and binding of threaded components.

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Muc-Off Silicon Shine


Keeping mud and grime off your bike can extend your maintenance efforts.

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Motorex 2000 Grease


A long-lasting, general purpose grease when you just need one.

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SRAM Dot Grease

$10.00 | $8.99 sale

A specialized grease for SRAM and Avid brake fittings.

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Pedro’s Degreaser


A biodegradable degreaser for stripping old lube and grease, and also general cleaning.

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CeramicSpeed Low Viscosity Oil


Use this for rebuilding a bottom bracket and you’ll get near frictionless spinning.

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Dumonde Tech Freehub Oil

$12.75 | $10.20 sale

Use a thin oil in your freehub so you won’t have to worry about drag or interfering with the engagement.

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Quicksilver Marine Grease


A marine-grade grease can have application to mountain bikes for keeping water out, especially if you ride in wet conditions regularly.

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Loctite 246


A thread-locking agent can help silence those BB creaks and prevent bolts from working their way out over time.

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Finish Line 5-Piece Brush Set

$17.99 | $16.00 sale

Don’t forget the brushes!

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Wheelsmith Mini Spoke Prep


This thread locker helps prevent unwinding specifically at the spoke/nipple thread interface.

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