Gloworm Updates Bike Light Collection with Easy USB Charging, Bluetooth

The updated, second generation bike lights from Gloworm generally keep the same form factor as the previous versions, but see improved specs and added features.

Today the New Zealand-based brand Gloworm announced a major update to their bike light line, adding popular features like USB charging and Bluetooth connectivity. The updated, second generation lights generally keep the same form factor as the previous versions, but see improved specs and added features.

First-generation Gloworm lights used proprietary charging and connector cables; the newest units utilize USB-C. Not only should this make it easier to find and keep track of chargers at home, it also allows the battery pack to charge a phone for those times when you’re in danger of losing “bars” before the lumens die out. The USB cable connecting the battery to the light is designed to break away easily in the event of a snag on the trail.

Gloworm has also moved away from a proprietary wireless interface for lights and remote controls to standard Bluetooth. The bar-mounted remote unit mostly keeps its simple form and can still be used to control one or more lights without having to reach. Now with Bluetooth built in, it’s also possible to connect to the lights using a free smartphone app to program light modes and get battery information.

Speaking of battery information, the updated power packs feature a small O-LED display that makes it clear how much battery life is left at all times. The packs are said to be IP67 rated, which means they are dust-proof and should be protected in the event of shallow water submersion for up to 30 minutes.

Pricing for the new units starts at $269 USD for the 2,000-lumen X2 Adventure light set, and goes up to $389 for the 3,600 XSV light set. Gloworm says lights should begin shipping starting May 1, and more information is available at

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