Have you ever found yourself hitting a whole bunch of roots or rocks and noticed your hands were going numb? Or have you ever ridden through heavily wooded areas and noticed those trees getting closer, praying you don’t hit one? Well Giro has the “Remedy” for these situations and more. The Giro Remedy gloves ($42 MSRP) feature the Giro Super fit treatment which tailors the entire glove from the palm to the fingers to reduce bunching while boosting grip.

The Remedy also feature a strategically placed d30 heal pad. Your next question, if you haven’t heard about d30 is: WTF is that? D30 is a special material which remains soft under normal conditions but instantly stiffens upon impact. Essentially the d30 molecules are free to move around but become locked together in a web when the material is hit. Amazing.


The Remedy is a heavy duty glove with plenty of finger and palm protection. The outer two fingers have a neoprene-type base material with sonic welded armor points to help absorb impact from the trail. The two inside fingers and remainder of the upper surface of the glove features a moisture-wicking air mesh material. As I mentioned earlier, the palm sports the d30 crash pad plus a durable Pittards leather 3 piece construction. All of this ensures a super long lasting glove.

On the Trail

Much like the Xen glove I tested a while back, I instantly noticed the Remedy’s comfortable feeling and lack of pressure points due to misaligned stitching (which some brands have). The pre-bent fingers also lend a great fatigue free-feel to this glove. I am a full finger kind of rider and even though some may say that a full fingered glove is hot, I can tell you these didn’t roast my mitts. I did sweat but fortunately my hands weren’t swimming in the gloves nor did they lose grip when others might have started to slip.

For the heavier-duty rider who doesn’t want a glove with hard points (ie carbon knuckles ), the Remedy glove should be one of your top considerations. Available in three color combinations (white/lime , white/black/red, and all black) I am sure there is one that will match what you’re wearing and riding. Check out the Giro website for further details.

Thanks to the folks at Giro for providing these gloves for review.

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    Another note worthy item about the knuckle protection is that they are actually vented. I purchased these on my way to a race on a Saturday night as my previous pair of gloves were getting quite worn, wore them for the race Sunday and was incredibly impressed.

  • trek7k

    The d30 compound is intriguing, though I wonder why you’d want a rigid palm upon impact (perhaps for falls off the bike where you hit the ground)? Seems like it would be well suited to knuckle protection where you need flexibility but want to guard against impact (trees, branches, etc.).

  • element22

    I guess when you go over the bars (( remembering when I cased it bad and had video taken)) You tend to throw your arms out in front of you when to break your fall and the palms touch the ground usually first in that case. I guess to reduce inpact and chances of cutting yourself.

  • biketoblog

    Just letting you all know that I just picked these gloves up 7/28/2010 at Jenson online and they are going for only $20!
    Here’s the link: jensonusa.com.

    Hope this helps.

  • Minimalist

    While the gloves are comfortable the material rips easily and the black gloves will stain the rest of your laundry. My wife was not happy.

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