Funkier Eagle Shorts Review

After reviewing the Funkier Hawk 3/4 pants last spring, I was pumped to get a pair of the new Eagle shorts for testing. While 3/4 pants are neat, I’m more of a shorts guy and these fit the bill nicely.

The Setup

At first glance the Eagle shorts appear fairly simple, but closer inspection reveals a lot going on here. Starting at the top, there is a super sturdy button and an integrated belt with a large, solid buckle similar to what you would find on a backpack. The buckle locks securely and cinches down nice and tight, keeping the shorts where they belong.

Next are a full compliment of pockets, front and rear, with horizontal zippers. The front pockets are deep enough that items go ‘below the fold’ and the rear pockets are roomy enough for a wallet or trail map. I actually forgot to remove my wallet on one ride, and didn’t notice that it was there until I got back to the car! Moving further down are two more pockets just big enough for lip balm, or maybe an ID and health insurance card. One fastens with velcro, the other with a zipper.

Unlike most shorts, the vents on these are fixed and open, with no zipper to close them. I’ve worn them on some fairly cold rides and haven’t found this to be an issue, however they also do a great job in warmer weather. Suspended in the middle of these mesh vents are two more zippered pockets, external, like on cargo shorts. They are the perfect size for stowing a smartphone, GPS or some snacks. At the hem of each leg is a velcro tab for cinching things up, if you need it.

The Fit

Just like the Hawk pants, these shorts are constructed with a low rise waist. What does that mean? It means if you’re not a full time racer with chiseled abs, these will still fit and feel great! Also like the Hawk, these are designed to integrate with Funkier padded boxers, but they also work well with other padded spandex shorts. In either event, these fit like a great pair of cargo shorts, and don’t feel like you have a diaper on like some cheaper shorts.

The fit is snug around the top, so as not to snag the nose of your saddle when mounting up, but also loose around the thighs for easy pedaling.  As a long time spandex wearer, it took me a while to get used to the way baggy shorts feel while pedaling, but as far as that goes, these are comfortable and not restrictive. There is also ample room for kneepads if you’re suiting up for some freeriding.


The nylon fabric on the Eagle shorts is thicker and stiffer than that of the Hawk pants, and so far they are holding up well. The stitching and overall construction are perfect and they have survived several falls and a bunch of trips through the wash.


The Eagle shorts are pretty darn awesome, so admittedly I’m nit-picking here. Since I wear a large, but have a fairly short inseam, the hem of the shorts comes right to my knee. I’ve gotten used to it, but having them a smidge shorter would be nice. The only other issue is the buckle. It likes to come off in the washing machine. A simple workaround is to buckle it together before the shorts go in. Forget, and you’ll be digging around for the right-hand half later.

Bottom Line

These are great shorts that fit well and have held up great.  At $107.44 for the shorts + liner, they are in the middle of the pack pricewise among other premium shorts, but give up nothing to the more expensive name brands in terms of comfort or quality. If you have never tried baggies before, or are in the market for some new ones, you can’t go wrong with these.

A big thanks to Eli at Funkier Apparel for sending over the Eagle Shorts for review!

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