Fizik Terra Artica GTX Winter Mountain Bike Shoe Defeats Cold and Snow

The latest Fizik Artica GTX winter bike shoe is made for powering through the elements off road.
Fizik Terra Artica GTX Winter Bike Shoe

Fi’zi:k Terra Artica GTX

There are two areas of the body that are vital to protect during cold weather rides: the hands and the feet. Let one or the other succumb to the cold outer temperatures and if you’re out long enough, the ride turns miserable quickly.

With the right gear though and the proper shoes, gloves, and maybe a cap or headband to keep the ears warm and cold weather bike rides turn into a mark of achievement and let you overcome the cold and snow, which to many is a barrier.

The new Fi’zi:k Terra Artica GTX cold weather off-road (i.e. MTB or gravel) shoe is a damn good pick for anyone who wants to keep their piggies warm during the winter.

About the Fi’zi:k Terra Artica GTX

Fizik Terra Artica GTX bike shoe cuff

The Fi’zi:k Terra Artica GTX starts with a GORE-TEX Koala membrane which makes it fully waterproof, but also breathable. The upper is made from a high-density polyurethane material with a Ripstop fabric. To fasten the shoe, there is a L6 BOA ratcheting lace system and a velcro strap at the ankle.

On the bottom, the outsole has been redesigned for better grip and traction in slick terrain. There are big lugs along the cleat channel and on the heel and the toe. Fi’zi:k rates the shoe with a stiffness index of five out of ten.

Inside the shoe is a fleece lining. It’s the next best thing to wrapping your feet with a blanket before putting them in a pair of mountain bike shoes. And no, those aren’t Fi’zi:k’s words. They say the soft layer has two benefits: comfort and warmth.

With all the technology on this shoe — the BOA dial and the GORE-TEX lining — it’s not going to be cheap. The Fi’zi:k Terra Artica GTX retails for $260.

Ride impressions

Colorado’s early heavy snowfall this season gave us some great conditions to put these shoes to the test. My first ride in the shoes came after a foot of snow fell. After a few days of sunshine, enough had melted to attempt a sort of ride. The combination of sunny, icy, snow, and mucky conditions were a great sparring partner for the shoes.

The Fi’zi:k Terra Artica GTX shoes are easy to don for such a robust shoe. They do have a tight, snug fit with the mold and the fleece interior. Fortunately there is a loop on the back heel to pull the shoe on.

The shoes are true to size for me and though snug, they have yet to feel too tight or uncomfortable. With one BOA dial and the velcro strap up top, they are cinched up as quickly as any other shoe.

The Terra Artica GTXs have a pretty stiff feel when it comes to pedaling despite the fact that Fi’zi:k rates them at only a five out of ten. There is some flex, which comes in handy when you’re climbing up a snow bank with your bike at your side, but if I guessed, I would have said they felt like at least a six or seven.

These aren’t total sweat boxes. The shoes have some breathability, but it’s about how much you’d expect from a waterproof winter bike shoe. I felt fine wearing regular season bike socks and my feet have still been sweaty on rides in the 30s, but that is much better than the alternative.

Dashing under a tunnel on a ride which had quite a bit of standing ice water at its exit, I stalled out and dropped my foot into four or five inches of slush. I didn’t feel anything immediately, but sometimes it takes a minute for water to seep in, even on “waterproof” shoes. So I waited, and the water never came in. I went on my way and pedaled through the cool day without frozen feet.

Pros and cons of the Fizik Terra Artica GTX


  • Weather proof shoe for winter
  • Comfortable, warm
  • Easy to take on/off


  • None noted

Closing thoughts

I expected something about these shoes to come up that I didn’t like, but they are outstanding. I haven’t experienced any hot spots or fit problems, they are easy to take on and off and secure, and most importantly, are great off-road shoes for winter conditions.