finally, my new ride!

my photography skills dont do it justice but, alas, the wait is over…santa cruz blur

i think it deserves to be called the sex-c. this is truly the sexiest thing under 26 lbs!santa cruz blur

santa cruz blur

now, the question is, who am i more in debt to… santa cruz for the purchase of this exceptional work of art and the full shimano xt bling that came with it…. or my pal, aaron, who slaved many tedious hours to achieve the perfection this bike deserves known only because he is also member of the prestigious blur club… and then theres my crummy attitude towards roots, i convinced myself that this fancy full-suspension is the one and only thing that would help me conquer those stubborn roots that have so many times tossed me around and shortened my rides… well, it’s payback time. bye bye roots!