Fezzari’s New Solitude XC Hardtail is Made to Play

The Fezzari Solitude is a new carbon hardtail mountain bike that's engineered to ride the line between playful and racy.

Utah-based brand Fezzari has a new carbon hardtail out, and they’ve engineered it to ride a line between playful and racy. The Solitude frame weighs in under 1,000g and is made from a Monoform single-mold carbon.

Fezzari uses Monoform, a way to lay the frame up in a single mold rather than two, which is said to make the frame lighter and stronger, and so there is no bonding or extra resin. The result is a “truly one piece frame,” they say. Fezzari can then optimize the layup through the chain stays and seat stays.

They kept the chain stays stiffer for better power transfer, with more flex through the seat stay and top tube for rougher sections of trail.

Geometry starts with a 68° HTA and a pretty-steep-for-a-hardtail 75° STA. This thing should feel great powering up wall-like hills. Fezzari used a long reach and shorter, 430mm chain stays to keep the bike stable and playful.

The Solitude will run a fork anywhere from 100-140mm. They say a longer fork would rake the bike out to about 67°. There is a lifetime warranty on the frame and a single speed build option. Complete build options start at $2,500.

Check out this video from Fezzari for the full scoop on the Solitude. See their website for more information.

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