cSixx 150gm Carbon Chain Tensioner

I’ve been playing around with a cool new chain retention device from cSixx for a while now. cSixx (pronounced simply as “six”) hails from South Africa, and they presently offer two chain retention devices: the 150gm and the lighter weight 110gl. I had the pleasure of testing the full-on race version, the 150gm.


The cSixx 150gm really does weigh in at the advertised 150 grams, thanks to a mixture of weaved carbon and a section of kevlar/carbon mix at the bash area. All the fasteners are aluminum for further weight reduction, with the exception of the three bolts which hold the 150gm to the ISCG05 tabs on the bike. The guide comes with an adapter for ISCG, just in case your ride doesn’t have tabs.


Installation of the 150gm requires you to remove the cranks which is just about the hardest part of the installation. If you need to install the adapter, then you also have to remove one of the spacers and swap it with the adapter. Other than that, the installation instructions are very clear, with a mix of simple instructions and great illustrations. Once the guard is in, install the cranks and follow up by double checking that the pulley lines up with your chain (using the supplied washers). Afterwards, the taco and idler pulley should be set to your correct chain ring tooth count (32-42). Finally, thread the chain through and you are set.

The Test

I ran the 150gm for about three months on trails all over the region. This guide has taken a good amount of hits: everything from larger logs to the rocks of the Frankenstein trail at Seven Springs (which are mainly large boulders). Needless to say, the 150gm survived with minimal surface damage thanks to the reinforced Kevlar section. There were no other problems, either.

I did notice that I had some chain rub on the taco portion, and that it was just a bit too narrow. To remedy that issue, I ended up placing a 1mm washer behind the outer plate and the rubber spacer that goes to the inner plate. That helped reduce the rub that happened when the rear cassette was on the 11T cog. One great thing about the 150gm is it wasn’t affected by dry lube like some other brands.

For the entire duration that I had the tensioner installed on my Banshee Legend, it had no dropped chains or any other issues.

The cSixx retails for about $200. Contact cSixx for further details and to find distributors.

A quick thanks to the folks at cSixx for sending down the 150gm for review.