Bike Part Jewelry from Designs by Jodey


I’ve always been proud to show off my wounds and scars from mountain bike crashes, but there is actually a much easier way to show off my love for the sport. Bike part jewelry is a really unique way to take a little bit of your mountain bike with you (literally) anywhere you choose to wear it and it makes for a great gift too.

I was super excited to see the wide variety of handcrafted jewelry designs that Designs by Jodey has created from bike parts. Jodey, a mountain biker herself, makes bracelets, necklaces, earrings, bookmarks, and keychains out of new and used bike parts. It was hard to decide on just one piece but I finally chose a custom sized Double Row Chain Link Bracelet. The chain link is such a classic and obvious representation of a bicycle part – I didn’t want anyone to mistake this as just another ordinary bracelet.


When I read that Jodey used worn bicycle parts for her jewelry, I was a little skeptical. I wondered if I was going to end up with dirt and grease rubbing off on my wrists or clothes. On the contrary, the silver chain link plates in my bracelet are clean and shiny! The cool thing is I can tell they aren’t new due to the characteristic scratches and friction marks. Sometimes I like to imagine the killer trails this chain saw in its former life – if only chain link plates could talk.

The bracelet also uses black bike chain rollers in between the chain link plates. I really like the contrast of the black and silver which makes each part stand out and together, well, it just works. The toggle clasp is a complementary gunmetal color and makes getting the bracelet on and off easy with your single opposing hand.


The fact that this bracelet has a really simple and unique design using recycled bike chains make this one of my favorite everyday pieces to wear. I got complements the first time I wore this bracelet to work and I’m proud to wear it most casual Fridays. It also goes great with the little black dress 😉

Just like the little black dress, every girl that rides mountain bikes needs bike part jewelry. You can order the jewelry on Jodey’s website, And guys, when you’re buying bike jewelry for your lady friends you can also check out men’s bike part necklaces and bracelets for yourself too!

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