Cane Creek Debuts eeWings Titanium Crankset for Mountain Bikes

The first titanium mountain bike crankset from Cane Creek is called eeWings. It's as light as carbon, but 20-30% stiffer and more durable.

photos: Cane Creek

Cane Creek claims the new eeWings titanium crankset weighs about the same as a comparable set of carbon cranks, yet is 20-30% more stiff. More stiffness means better power, which is great for racing. But racing isn’t everything.

“Through the course of aggressive riding, you invariably hit your cranks against rocks and other trail features which causes structural damage to carbon cranks and can lead to them breaking,” said Sam Anderson, product manager for Cane Creek. “Titanium just brushes those hits off so the eeWings can withstand a lot more abuse than other high-end cranks and not end up structurally compromised or broken. At the same time, they are incredibly stiff so more of the energy you put into each pedal stroke makes it to the back wheel and helps push you down the trail.”

This is the first crankset from Cane Creek and just the second product in the company’s ee line of products. Unlike the eeBrakes designed exclusively for road bikes, the new eeWings crankset was built with “aggressive trail and enduro mountain bikers” in mind, according to the press release.

The eeWings crankset will be compatible with a number of bottom bracket configurations, and is set to retail for $999, with availability beginning in late April.

photos: Cane Creek