Blackburn Outpost Corner Bag and Switch Wrap Toolkit Lighten the MTB Load

Blackburn Design's Outpost Corner frame bag and Switch Wrap tool kit make it easier to pack the essentials.

I’m always excited to try out new load configurations for mountain biking, especially if it gets weight off of my body. Turns out, it’s way easier than dieting.

Blackburn Design, known for their adventure bags, tools, and other accessories, released the Outpost corner bag and the Switch Wrap Tool Kit, which I have grown fond of over many miles this year.


The Switch Wrap Tool Kit

Outpost Corner Bag

  • 0.7L capacity, water resistant frame bag
  • Construction: ripstop Nylon, internal elastic loops, separate internal pocket for multi-tool
  • Velcro attachment to frame
  • Weight: 130g
  • MSRP: $35
  • Available at Amazon

Switch Wrap Tool Kit

  • Tool kit wrap for bike frame
  • Tools included: T25, T30, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm bits, and flathead screwdriver bit with tool sleeve
  • Weight: 186g
  • MSRP: $45
  • Available at Amazon

On the trail with the Blackburn Outpost and Switch Wrap

I used the Blackburn frame bag and tool kit for all seven days of BC Bike Race. Photo: Lorenz Jimenez

Races are an important reason to dial in bag setup. I’d rather not use a hydration pack or even a lumbar pack during any sort of race If I don’t have to. I feel more athletic and capable without any weight or fluid sloshing on my body, and feel much better adding the weight to the frame somewhere.

While decorating my bike with personalization and equipment in preparation for BC Bike Race, I added the Outpost Corner bag and Switch Wrap tool kit. They were an easy choice. With the Outpost Corner bag, I could fit almost all the items I’d need, like Co2 cartridges, tire levers, and tire plug kit, and most importantly snacks.

Using the Switch Wrap tool kit with the frame bag meant that I’d be able to stick a tube in the tool wrap, freeing up even more space inside the frame bag.

All of the tire tools, with lots of room left over. Tested with a Fidlock strap-on bottle mount above.

The Outpost Corner bag feels durable and sturdy out of the packaging and it comes with several Velcro straps in different lengths. This makes it easier to fit inside a bike frame, and honestly, the hardest part was finding the right frame for the bag. I raced BCBR on a Fezzari Signal Peak, and that was an easy match, but the two other mountain bikes I had at my house would not work with the Outpost Corner bag because of shock or water bottle cage placement. Like anything else, it’s a good idea to check measurements before purchasing.

With the bag in place, my setup worked like a charm. Without a tube in the Outpost, I had plenty of room for other necessities. On a few days of BCBR, I’d open up a pouch of gummies or Clif Bloks energy chews and put them toward the front of a bag. If I needed to eat, on a stretch of dirt road, I could zip open the Outpost bag a little, grab some chews, and zip it back up within a matter of seconds.

Lift the flap to tuck the tool kit in a sleeve underneath.

The Switch Wrap tool kit was a hit for me as well. The design itself allows a tube, the Blackburn tool kit, and a Co2. It has some rubberized texture on the wrap where it sits against the frame to prevent movement and the straps can be cinched down pretty hard.

The design of the Switch Wrap itself isn’t mind-blowing, but it works quite well. My favorite part about it is the tool kit. It fits in a very small sleeve that tucks into the wrap, and includes all the necessities, even a chain breaker.

The finish did gather a little rust over testing.

Final word

After using both the Outpost Corner frame bag and Switch Wrap tool kit, they became favorites, especially considering the price. Thirty five bucks for a quality bag, or quality anything for a mountain bike product is awesome, and I’m sure it will hold up for years. The Switch Wrap tool kit was also easy to use and place, and the tool kit is light, compact, and has everything most mountain bikers need.

Thanks to Blackburn for providing these items for review.