Following Trends, Bike Yoke Makes the Revive Max Dropper in 34.9 Diameter and up to 213mm of Travel

The Bike Yoke 213 Max dropper seatpost offers more than 200mm of travel and comes in a stout, 34.9mm diameter.

Editor’s note: Read a review of the current generation Bike Yoke Revive v3 here.

German brand Bike Yoke has upped the game in available diameter sizes and travel with their trusty Revive 2.0 dropper post, equipping the newest models with a 34.9 diameter and 213mm of travel. Tall riders rejoice! Bike Yoke says that the new release is motivated by more and more brands moving to a 34.9mm seat tube diameter over 30.9mm and 31.6mm, including Specialized, Norco, Trek, Commencal, Pole, and others.

The reasoning for the 34.9mm diameter seat tube is that longevity of the dropper should be increased because the post itself is stiffened, causing less wear and making the function smoother, according to Bike Yoke. Dropper posts have likely suffered from decreased stiffness over the years, as travel lengths have increased and seat tube diameters have stayed the same. Frame stiffness should be increased as well with the bigger seat tube.

The 213 Max gets all the goodies the 125, 160, and 185 lengths get, like a 3D-forged, one-piece telescopic tube unit, CNC re-machined actuator lever, and new saddle bolts and clamps. Bike Yoke also offers Revive 2.0 posts with 213mm of travel in 30.9 and 31.6mm diameters.

The specs on the 213 Max include a 690g weight, 550mm length (582 w/ actuator), and a retail price of $440.

Bike Yoke is also releasing the Divine SL 100 and 125 to complement the 80mm travel version. The Divine SL is a dropper post made for the cross-country rider who wants a lightweight, reliable dropper post. Because more and more XC racers are using dropper posts, Bike Yoke made the Divine SL with a lighter weight, and a short overall length.

The Divines can be cut down because the post is hollow lower down, so XC riders can save even more weight. The Divine SLs weigh between 400 and 450g depending on their diameter and length. The 80s have a 400mm length and the 125s have a 445mm overall length. MSRP is $350.

For more information, check out the Bike Yoke website or shop for Bike Yoke droppers at Competitive Cyclist and other online retailers.

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