Bell Shows More Affordable Full-face, Half-shell Helmets at Eurobike

Bell introduces a lighter, more affordable Full-9 full-face bike helmet, plus a $70 MIPS helmet that's sure to be a best-seller.

Bell Full 9 Fusion.

The Bell Full-9 Fusion

Like its full-carbon Full-9 compatriot, the Bell Full-9 Fusion is a feature-packed, DH-ready mountain bike helmet. The less expensive Fusion version will come with a fiberglass shell instead of carbon, and snap-in cheekpads to replace the magnetic connection in the original Full-9. The Fusion version features MIPS protection and keeps the same shape as the more expensive carbon Full-9. More details to come as the release date nears this fall.

  • Claimed weight: 1000g (lighter than the carbon version)
  • Full fiberglass construction
  • MSRP: $230 USD
Bell was established in California in 1954, hence the MCMLIV tag.
Heaps of padding, removable cheek pads, no exposed foam to bang up

The Bell Spark

Bell Spark

The team at Bell have outdone themselves with this bargain half-lid! At $70, this may be the least expensive MIPS-equipped helmet on the market. Unlike most helmets in this price range, the Spark also looks great. The top has an open, ventilated construction that should keep things cool, and there is a lip at the back to secure a goggle-strap in place. The removable padding at the rider’s brow is shaped to bring sweat out and away from the face and glasses, keeping eyes clear of the salty blur. The crown of the Spark has plenty of flat real estate to attach a camera or light mount.

  • Sizes: Universal Women’s 50-57cm, Universal Adult 54-61cm, Universal XL 58-63xm (select colors)
  • Fixed visor
  • 13 vents
  • Reported weight: Women’s version 295g (325 w/MIPS), Men’s version 300g (330g w/MIPS),
  • MSRP: $70
  • Availability: Fall of 2018
Upper lip keeps goggle straps from sliding off.
The white rubber where the straps connect act as “feet” for setting the helmet on flat surfaces without scuffing the foam.

At this price, the Spark is also a good option for folks looking for a spare helmet for friends, or something to wear on muddy rides when the fancy helmet wants to stay warm and dry.