Answer’s Limited Protaper 780 DH Review

I’ve gotta be honest: Answer has been my go-to downhill bar for a long time. Now Answer has a new option for you: semi-custom bars.

Answer released a limited run of 250 barsat Crankworx, and they are beautiful! If you strive to keep your ride unique, what an opportunity to do that with these stunning graphics. At the moment there are two styles available and in the coming months new graphics will follow. Answer will even consider your ideas: contact them directly for more details. (Maybe we need to petition for a Singletracks bar? 😉 )

This bars are available in both the half-inch rise and the full-inch rise. Both bars share a 4 upsweep x 8 backsweep that I find perfect for my body shape. Made of 7050 alumininum just like the regular 780 DH bars, these are not a cheaper version, but rather the same great bar with a complex anodizing process used to create the graphics.

Installing them was a breeze, and just a matter of pulling off what was on my bike and swapping them over. Just remember to torque your bolts down properly (usually 6 Nm), and you’re good to go. The sweep works great for most any rider. Rotate the bar until the backsweep lines up with your arms, and you should be golden. I found that setting up my backsweep this way keeps my wrists in the most neutral position with very little stress.

Riding the slopes with these bars is a blast, just like my regular 780DH bars. The only issue I had was trying to stop myself from looking at them while riding. These bars are pretty light for the width, design, and abuse they take. Cutting them down shouldn’t be an issue if you find they are too wide for your body. These bars, like the other 780DHs, have trim marks on either end which make it easy to judge how much you want off. Just remember to measure twice and cut once!

If you’re in the States, contact Answer directly for more information. If you’re in Canada, contact Trident Performance Sports. Hurry though, as these are limited and going fast!

I would like to thank Tom at Answer for sending these bars down for review.