An Intro to Bikepacking: Blackburn’s “Roll With It” Film and Book

Blackburn's Roll With It Movie

Bikepacking, or “amatuer homeless personing” as my friend Dicky likes to call it, can seem intimidating. You need all this special gear, right? You’ve got to pack it all just so. Oh, and don’t forget the “right” kind of bike, too. Well, that’s not really the case, as our own writer Alec Cervenka posited in his article, “Run What You Brung.”

Blackburn is looking to strip away some of the mystery and worry about planning your first bikepacking trip with their new film and companion book entitled, “Roll With It.”

From the creators:

Embarking on an overnight camping trip taking only what your bike can hold might seem scary to most people. This quirky, yet artful film debunks those fears, by bringing together strangers with different backgrounds to show how truly joyful and enriching travel by bike can be.

ROLL WITH IT from Blackburn Design on Vimeo.

Illustrations by Chris McNally

The limited edition book features illustrations from the talented Chris McNally, whose work you will recognize from Ibis Cycles. The illustrations show various bikepacking setups, along with suggested packing lists.

Order the film and book today for $20 by visiting Blackburn’s site.