A Peek at the Privateer 141 for the Upcoming Mid-Travel Mashup

The Privateer 141 is the next mid-travel trail bike that’s in for testing as a part of our upcoming Mid-Travel Mountain Bike Mashup which drops this fall.

Privateer officially released the 141 late last year, although, like anything released during the pandemic, the product has slowly been trickling from manufacturing warehouses onto the dirt. Our test sample was one of the first in the US and Privateer has, like most other brands, been selling them as quickly as they can make them.

The 141 is the UK brand’s second model, after the 161. The trail bike follows the enduro bike’s footsteps: a muscular frame, with heavy-duty hardware and componentry that should hold up through almost anything. Eyeing over the “trail” bike, it’s hard to tell what the difference is between this and a round peg in a round hole enduro bike, aside from purely the travel numbers.

The 141 has a 150mm fork, and the aluminum frame gets big ol’ bearings, a threaded bottom bracket, a trunnion-mounted shock, and both internal and external cable where it makes sense. All of this should make wrenching easier on the un-sponsored rider the bikes are made for.

Geo is quite long on this one, but that’s the name of the game with Privateer. On our P2 test sample, the reach is 465mm, the STA is 78.76°, the HTA is 64.5°, the chainstays are 440mm (size-specific), and the wheelbase is 1,235.68mm.

Our Shimano SLX-equipped build rings in at $3,949 and framesets start at $1,759. Look for the full review soon.