New 160mm Commencal Meta SX Mixes Wheel Sizes For Added Seat Clearance

The Commencal Meta SX enduro bike sees fully updated geometry that's optimized to suit the smaller rear tire while maintaining the Meta feel on the trail.

Commencal has been switching rear-wheel sizes on their DH bike for some time, and now the mixed-diameter option is available for the popular Meta models. This latest Meta SX sees fully updated geometry that’s optimized to suit the smaller rear tire while maintaining the Meta feel on the trail. It has 160mm of rear travel following a 170mm fork.

In addition to mixing circles, the brand doubled up some of the linkage bearings for a stiffer ride and lower maintenance, reworked the kinematics to provide a full-party feel, and added a flip-chip to the shock mount for additional versatility.

The smaller rear wheel radius allows for shorter chainstays on the Meta SX, with small and medium frames taking 442mm grasshopper legs while the large to XL stretch back to 447mm. The reach ahead of those legs is about what we would expect, at 440, 460, 485, and 510mm across the run. The head tube angle slackens depending on frame size, with the two smaller cuts using a 64° HTA and the larger pair leaning further to 63.6°. Seat tube angles are a steep 78.5° on all sizes which should make the reach measurements feel manageable while helping the bike climb comfortably. It’s not clear how much the flip-chip shifts things, and we will update that information as it becomes available.

There is also an e-version called Meta Power SX, with a Shimano motor and battery.

There are seven different component builds for the Meta SX, and the brand has yet to list pricing for each of them. Frame sets are available in five different colors for $1,799. Head to the Commencal page for additional details.