Canyon Spectral Range Now Includes Mixed Wheels, Alloy, and Affordable Youth Options

Canyon adds more affordable alloy Spectral trail bike models, and also a youth bike with suspension tuned for lightweight riders.

Canyon has expanded their offerings today on the Spectral, with the addition of an aluminum frame option, a dedicated mixed-wheel bike, and a Young Hero build to round it out. The bikes have been available in full carbon, with 27.5″ and 29″ wheels and 150/160mm of travel for a while now, and the brand decided it was time to fill in some gaps.

Both of the same-wheel-size bikes will now come in carbon and aluminum, with the addition of one carbon fiber mixed-wheel option to satisfy folks who prefer two tire sizes. Canyon says that the new alloy frames are designed to keep the ride feel as similar to their carbon bikes as possible, with minimal added weight. They say that, though the bikes look very different, their ride characteristics are notably similar.

There is also a new flagship CRF carbon build with all of the bells and whistles intact. That high-shelf build will include Fox Factory suspension, a Shimano XTR drivetrain, and carbon fiber DT Swiss rims, retailing for $7,499.

Young riders will be stoked on the affordable new Spectral Young Hero model that’s set to sell for $2,299. They say the new bike will fit riders from 4’9″ to 5’3″, with kinematics designed for lightweight riders between the 140/150mm of travel.

Canyon didn’t share details on geometry or builds for the other bikes, leaving us to click over to their site on release day. The least expensive alloy Spectral 5 build will be $2,899. There are now eight Spectral options in total, and hopefully some of them are in stock.