Updated Canfield Jedi DH Bike Takes the High-Pivot Road

The updated Canfield Jedi DH bike has 203mm of travel both front and rear and features a high-pivot design.

Canfield has gone back to the design table to create their latest Jedi DH bike, and it looks like all of their gravity research is bound up in a sweet racing sled. The 29″ wheeled Jedi has 203mm of travel both front and rear. Thanks to the high pivot, the rear axle moves rearward for the first 190mm, and Canfield says “the Canfield Formula 1 suspension design gives the Jedi the unnatural ability to not only maintain its speed, but actually accelerate through rough terrain. Thanks to 29-inch wheels, the new Jedi is even faster and smoother through nasty sections of trail, but a revised axle path allows it to corner and jump more intuitively than previous versions.”

The frame uses one-piece CNC’d upper and lower links, super-boost-rear axle spacing, external cable routing, and a sturdy 83mm bottom bracket. On a somewhat odd note, the bike has a 180mm brake caliper mount, but riders can easily add an adaptor to use larger rotors.

The black, orange, or raw 29er frames come in three sizes, with 450, 475, or 500mm reach measurements. Seat tubes are short across the board at 405mm, allowing riders to choose how much interaction they want between the saddle and their thighs. The seat tube angle is an out-the-way 67° and the head tube leans to a proper DH 62.5°. Chain stays on this bike are wicked short, at 427mm unsagged and 443mm at sag. The wheelbase across these three sizes looks manageable for a 29″ DH ride at 1,252, 1,279, and 1,304mm across the size run, and the BB sits between it with 24mm of drop.

At $5,999 the single build spec offers riders a couple of suspension options to dial in their Jedi. There’s a choice between the Dorado Expert or Pro fork from Manitou, and a TTX22 shock from Owhlins or the EXT Arma. Slowing is taken care of by a set of TRP DH EVO brakes and the drivetrain consists of a TRP DH7 kit with Canfield cranks.

Click over to the Canfield site for additional details.