2011 THE Helmets and Jerseys at Interbike

Swinging by THE’s booth (Toby Henderson Enterprises) at Interbike is always a treat. For one thing, it’s one of the very few booths where you get a chance to meet and greet with the owner. Talking with Toby was great because I really got to better understand what goes through his mind when he’s coming up with new and improved products.

The star of THE’s 2011 booth was the all new T2 Carbon skid lid. The T2 features 17 vents to allow efficient flow into the 4 internal channels that vent out the 6 large rear vents. Fortunately THE kept what worked from previous models, namely the removable washable (swede looking) liner and the double “D” ring padded chin strap. The T2 also sports some cool metallic hardware that makes this helmet really pop. Even the included helmet bag rocks! At at reasonable 1000 grams, this helmet won’t have you staring at the ground all day or coming off the trail with a sore neck.

If you want the same great looks in a helmet but at a slightly lower price point, you can get the T2 composite. The composite version features everything the T2 Carbon has minus the fitted bag and slightly more heft (1100 grams).

The POINT5 helmet (not shown) is essentially the shape of last year’s ONE helmet but injected molded and at a really competitive price. This should be a great choice for those on a budget or for kids who are just starting out (and whose head is still growing!).

Not only did THE revamp their helmet line but they also added some hot jerseys in three colors (red,blue, black). Featuring full-length front, rear, and sleeve venting, forearm and elbow padding, fitted ribbed cuffs, and sublimated THE graphics, this jersey doesn’t just look good, it performs well too. Check out THE’s website when you have the chance to see all this plus more!

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