Rider: Jeff Barber, in Bellingham, Washington. Photo: Paris Gore

Most of us can’t choose the types of mountain bike trails located near our homes or pack up and move to Moab, but when we get to travel we can point toward the types of trails we enjoy most.

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  • macstevens

    My favorite trails are those that are mostly natural aggressive xc trails. tricky climbs can be as satisfying as fast downhills. I like log falls that test my limits, about two feet high, as well as tight twisty single track.

  • Downhill Mike

    Variety is great but if not much variety then a semi technical climbs and fast technical downhills with some jumps and table tops or just aggressive XC trails

  • Whistlepig

    Yeah, that trail that Jeff’s riding in Bellingham is pretty much perfect to me. Steep loam is awesome.

    I’m fortunate to live in a place with trails that I love to ride.

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