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  • in reply to: what kind of bike #69713

    lol sounds like a plan i get beat up pretty bad on my hard tail but if i had the money id be all about a FS bike..i.e cannondale prophet my dream bike.. 😎

  • in reply to: National organizations supporting mountain biking #69299
  • in reply to: Kentucky Trails and Conditions #67898

    had some good rain come thri today in my part of the woods some trails might be a lil muddy if thats what you like..i like it..but theres the latest

  • in reply to: Here I go again…… #69666

    dude that sucks you got to go back so soon but i feel for ya im on my way to afganistan ACK!! i wish i could bring my bike lots o mountians..and mines..but heck its worth the risk right andthing worth doing is ok in my book but really take care over there bro and hopefully well swing by paths someday in the sandbox

  • in reply to: Kentucky Races and Events #67900

    im trying to get a ride together in clarksville itll be on knights path i finaly got it finished probaly this weekend if i dont have to work but if you have any good ideas er times let me know and we can work out the bugs just send me a pm k

  • in reply to: Tennessee Races and Events #68029

    im tring to get a ride togethere here in clarksville sometime mabey this weekend depending if i have to work but if anyone is interseted drop me a line er a pm and we can hash out the details

  • in reply to: in Rocky Mountain News #68136

    dude that rawks that the site made it in the paper 😮

  • in reply to: Kentucky Trails and Conditions #67897

    i havent had a chance to get out on the trails in KY but soon as i get back home ill let you all know

  • in reply to: Your best crash story #68534

    german tree faries thats the only thing i could think of lol 😆

  • in reply to: What else do you do? #69212

    my wife takes up most of my time with her being 5 mo pregant with our son conner

    i do some reeactment work with a living history group Dog Co 506 once again a private yay lol

    but the army is the realy time time waster by doind one day on 3 days off lol i know i got a shame job but i love the army and i cant wait to get back on the line

  • in reply to: Kentucky Clubs and Organizations #67902

    hey im tryin to get a group together in the ft campbell clarksville area to go and ride if your intersted send me a msg and we can hash outn the rest of the details

  • in reply to: Tennessee Clubs and Organizations #68033

    sweet!! ill deff have to check it out

  • in reply to: Your best crash story #68532

    well this is my only crash an burn story thus far but it was today. i was riding behind a kohls dept stroe around the mall area and i was comin down hill pretty quick. i got some sweet air off the first hill i hit and then it was all downhill after that, when i hit the ground i just noticed the ther rest of the trail was nothing but ruts from the 4×4 that run back on forth on the trail so i did what i thought was best…run it out 😼 …well that was a bad idea i hit them head on useing my brakes lil by lil hit the first deep rut got some air then the next one threw me off my bike and i slid about 5 ft but i got a nice rash from my ankle to me rear i got up after the fact didnt care how bad it hurt and was like YES that was awesome!!! then the pain hit me lol

  • in reply to: Got a "home" trail? #69108

    well my fav home trail really doesn’t have a name its by a high schol of peachers mill in clarksville TN its a huge taril network and has eveything from basic stuff to some really tricky spots. lots of down hill and stream crossings as well 😃

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