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  • “I rode my Stumpjumper FSR 29er in New Jersey and it felt alright. I actually was rather surprised to find such a great trail for the area – climbs, descents, moss-covered chunky rocks and it was all fun.”


    I’m curious, where did you ride in NJ?

    Thank you for the great reply. I can’t wait to get out and enjoy some full squish again!

    I feel like test rides are so hard to come by out here on the East coast. Where do you guys find out about demo days? The nearest shop to me is a Giant retailer and to be honest not that impressive of a shop. I typically drive an extra 10-15 miles if I need a shop.

    Nice find! Maybe I should start watching pinkbike for deals…….

    Yeah the fuel ex is an option as well. And they have a 27.5+ model like the others. I like my trek and don’t have an issue buying another.

    I wish I could find more solid reviews or possibly ride a cube. I’m shocked at the low price of them. But believe in the you get what you pay for principal.

    I come from a bmx background and like to get as much air off of every log pile/root/rock/stump/jump as possible. To be fair the Jet9 was not in NJ and on much gnarlier trail.



    in reply to: Fat biking year round??? #203706

    My personal take on it is depending on where and how you ride and what your goals are you could very easily ride a fat bike year round.

    I have a 2015 Farley 6 and have ridden it year round for the last couple of years. I came from a full squish 29er and there are plenty of days that I miss the 29er. Some days I feel like I’m getting lapped on long grinding climbs and getting destroyed on fast rocky decents. And to be honest I’ve pretty much gotten used to letting my friends by and telling them I’ll see them at the bottom.

    Don’t get me wrong the farley is a really really fun bike and it’s been super low maintenance and those are the exact reasons I wanted it.  I ride with some reasonably fast friends and pay the price on the farley, but, I’m always smiling while ripping through singletrack and even catching pretty good air from time to time.

    I’m finally in the financial position to pickup another bike and am planning to keep the farley and add a full suspension bike to the stable by spring.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)