Re: The Rock trail in Gainesville Florida

"RunandBike0519" wrote

A reminder about the work day this Saturday:

Just a reminder that we’ll be working on the Rock trail at 10 a.m. this Saturday. We’ll be working on the pump track (actually making the dual slalom into more of a pump track and making it longer). If you have them, bring shovels, rakes, tamping tools, and wheel barrows.

I’ll buy pizza for everyone for lunch. Bring water and snacks. We’ll get most of the work done by 3 so we can watch the game (or go ride).

Call/email me if you have any questions or need directions.

Sorry myself and none the guys will be there, we work @ Bestbuy and Saturday is kinda a requirement. If yall need tools or anything let me know I’ll get them to you. I’m really sorry we can’t make it. PM me if you need anything and I’ll send the phone number. I really hope a lot of people show, we have been working on some new obstacles and plan on refurbishing some of the older ones so they are ridable again. If anyone has any ideas hit us up! Thanks for all the help @ The Rock. We really hope we can contribute to everyones riding enjoyment. Thanks for all the effort and hard work. God Bless!