Reply To: Should I wear a helmet for biking?


Always!  Always!  Always!  It will be inevitable that you will be hit by someone, something, or you will hit someone or something.  Besides my head is at least $60, I think!  I have never had a collision, only some close calls.  Recently we had a person at work who’s daughter was at college and got hit and with no helmet now has limited hearing and eyesight problems due to the head impact.  Was’t even mountain biking or doing extreme jumping.

law of large numbers and statistic.  You are only 98% good.  This is why even the professional action sport people die while skydiving.  it is when you do the 98th jump that it goes wrong.  yeah sure all your YouTube videos show you dangling 5,000 feet in the air.  But it will always catch up to you if you do it long enough.