Re: Independence Day Muni


Thanks for the comments guys! I like the sport because it’s just a blast and challenge. I do have a geared uni with normal 1:1 plus 1:1.5 so I can get going pretty fast! I got into uni because I was getting pretty fat my job as a piano tuner is sitting a lot. I thought of mtb and other stuff like running and swimming, but none of those things sounded fun enough to keep my interest for long. I used to ride a Schwinn uni as a kid back in the mid 60’s, so I wondered if I would remember how to ride one.

So about 8 years ago, about to turn 50 I decided to buy one to see, mostly just for the curiosity factor. To my surprise I was able to free mount like I never had stopped 40 years earlier! So then I thought, [i:19txkdz4]"what about riding a uni off road for the exercise and just the sheer fun and challenge of it?"[/i:19txkdz4] So since then I have been riding almost daily and love it more than ever! I guess the other thing that keeps me riding is that I would probably get so fat if I quit, that the fire department would have to demolish part of my house just to get me out! 😆

Here is a new compilation that shows a wide variety of the more extreme aspects of the riding I do:
(Btw, whenever we do drops, [as seen in the video] all body weight is on the pedals, and we are up off the saddle, so the "jewels" are safe! 😄 )