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"jeremiahbwhite" wrote

Just calling em like I seem em. square taper is low end, and I second the deore, your rings will last longer. As a clydesdale, either you are really lucky or know how to shift. Most Talon’s and Hardrocks need that right off the bat. By the way, I work on this shit everyday at my shop. Pretty sure I know cranks.

One thing I usually manage to get right is my shifting. I almost never shift under any kind of load and if I happen to be in the wrong gear when I hit a hill- I just apply a little bit more power than I wanted to and pay the price when I top the hill. But- my cranks work flawless so I’ll keep them until I kill them. If I’m going to upgrade anything I’ll probably go with a new fork. But my OEM fork is doing just fine for now. It still makes me chuckle that someone would call my bike crappy 😃 I guess the old saying is true- " There’s always one in every bunch"