WTB Prowler MX Tire Review


If you’re in the hunt for a great All Mountain bike tire at a decent price, look no further than the Prowler MX from WTB ($50 MSRP). Aggressive, talon-like knobs will help you navigate the trail like a jungle cat so you can catch even the fastest prey!

picture-290Installing these tires on my Easton Havoc wheels was a snap and required just a few minutes. I did myself a favor and used heavy duty tubes along with some talcum powder to improve performance and reduce friction in the tire. I inflated the tires to 40 psi and was off to the trails!

I wanted to hit as much varied terrain as I could since WTB says this tire can handle wet to dry terrain as well as loose to rough. Fortunately Kelso and Blue Mountain have plenty of both.

On hard packed surfaces the Prowler MX tires did fairly well and didn’t vibrate too much. Both tires had decent traction and didn’t feel squirmy like other aggressively patterned tires I’ve ridden. Rolling efficiency seemed decent and I didn’t feel like I had to labor too much to maintain my speed.

Under climbing and braking the Prowlers were great and did not lock up or slip unexpectedly. Even when braking on very hard surfaces such as rock and hard roots the tires did a good job stopping without sliding. At times when the tires did lock up, they tended to remain in line – no wandering – thanks to the pronounced transition knobs. On climbs the ramped knobs kept the tread firm on the ground without slipping. Extra siping (small grooves) on the knobs adds even more edges for an overall higher level of grip.


I guess the shining point on the Prowler MX tire is its ability to take corners in a variety of conditions. I loved the way these tires gripped in softer, dusty trails. When the terrain got technical, tight, and twisty – these tires just kept hanging on and worked exceedingly well. I also loved this tire’s ability to bite down on the fallen log runs without slipping (that is a big plus for me at least). The corner knobs on Prowler MX tires have almost double the number of blocks and are also siped to increase gripping.

Overall, the Prowler MX is a great tire that will really boost your riding performance and enjoyment. If you haven’t tried a set now may be the time!

My overall impressions:

8 out of 10 for climbing
8 out of 10 for rolling and efficiency
9 out of 10 for loose conditions
8 out of 10 for hardpack
9 out of 10 for stopping in a straight line

Specs from WTB:

Durometer 53a DNA rubber
GMA 54/60
Usage: All Mountain / Freeride
Conditions: Wet to dry / Loose to Rough
Size: 2.3″
Weight: 869grams

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