Womens MTB Skills Camp Teaches Serious Technique


We hear about womens mountain bike skills clinics all the time but the Dirt Series program (put on by Rocky Mountain Bikes) sounds a little different. While most clinics focus on getting women comfortable riding off road, the Dirt Series wheelie drops, log jumps, and techniques for climbing super steep pitches.

The Dirt Series is held in different spots around the US and Canada from Whistler to Santa Cruz to Park City, UT. Since the program stared in 2001 more than 5,000 riders have completed the clinic and most of them are probably kicking mens’ butts as we speak.

Boston.com published a good run down on womens MTB skills camps and clinics and points out that many programs teach trailside repair, nutrition tips, and fitness instruction in addition to skills and technique. Some programs also offer decidedly feminine touches like post-ride massages and catered luncheons but I guess that’s ok 🙂

Ladies, start doing your research now for a summer skills clinic tailored to your MTB skill level and interests – there seem to be plenty of choices out there!

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