SUNringle STR8 Track Wheels Review


SUNringl has done it again, updating and improving the STR8 Track wheel set for those who like to spend time flying through the air as part of their regular riding routine. The STR8 Track wheel set (MSRP $560.00) is just as at home on tight rocky singletrack as it is landing 7 foot+ drops. Having been tested by extreme riders like Cedric Graica you can be sure these wheels can take on anything your trails can deliver. The STR8 Track wheels are not to be confused with a freeride wheel set which would be a little beefier, but for what these have been designed for (all-mountain, heavy trail use), they fit the bill nicely with room to play.

I decided to install these wheels on my 5.5 rig with a Manitou Minute 20mm front fork, and after torquing new disks and installing tires and a fresh cassette, I was off to the trails. For the test ride I stuck with my usual tires (Eskar S-works 2.3) since I already know how the tires behave and I can concentrate on the wheel itself. At 1984 grams per set these are just a touch lighter than the Mavic Crossline (2045g) wheel set I tested last month, however the STR8 Track wheels are 2mm wider and feel more rigid than the Mavic Set. The rigid feeling on these wheels is due to the 32 Wheelsmith DB14 double butted steel spokes plus a much welcomed wider and deeper rim. Once you get moving it’s hard to want to stop (even the camera man had a hard time catching me). These wheel are just too much fun!


A great thing I noticed while testing the STR8 Track wheels on the trail is the smoothness of the wheel set – they roll great and do not flex laterally even when tossed into a high G bank turn. Another welcomed attribute is the relatively quiet but positive engagement of the freehub. I have found these wheels light and responsive enough and they work well traveling over skinnies and obstacles without hesitating to change direction quickly. The lacing of the spokes results in great control while the optimized spoke tension helps take the edge off impact when take big hits.


Overall I have to say the SUNringl STR8 Track wheels are worth every penny – hit your local bike shop and take a look at these, especially if you’re on the north side of 200lbs. Being at that weight myself, (with full gear and water) I know that finding a set of wheels that will withstand serious trail abuse can be difficult. But look no further, these fit the bill and at their cost you can afford a new set of your favorite rubber as well!

Now the Official information from SUNringl:

Use: All Mountain / Disc
Front Hub: 32 Hole Sunringl Jumping Flea (Black)
Rear Hub: 32 Hole Sunringl Dirty Flea (Black)
Rim: Black anodized welded Equalizer, Width: 31mm Disk brake only
Spokes: Wheelsmith DB 14 double butted spokes – black finish
Nipples: Wheelsmith alloy black
Lacing: 3 Cross (Fr/ Rr)
Weight: 1984g

Cheers folks – and remember to keep the rubber side down! Avoid the big trees – they don’t move!

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