New KUDU Pack from Camelbak for Big Days on the Bike

The KUDU is Camelbak’s hydration pack designed for enduro racing or just getting rad on rowdy trails. There’s a built-in back protector, but Camelbak added a twist — you can actually zip the pack completely off the back protector. Doing so allows you to wear the back protector by itself without the pack piece. There’s still a spot to stash a water bottle and spares, though.

Camelbak will offer the KUDU in two cargo capacities — 10L and 20L. Both sizes come with a 3L Crux reservoir that features a redesigned profile, easy-open lid, and a larger diameter hose that delivers 20% more water with each sip. With a reservoir, cargo capacity is 7L and 17L, respectively. A tool roll is included with each pack.

Another big change is the waistband. Instead of a thin strip of nylon webbing, you get a wide belt that wraps fully around your waist and secures with velcro. A nylon web belt over the top locks everything into place.

To accommodate different torso lengths, Camelbak offers the 10L and 20L packs in two sizes — small/medium and medium/large. Retail pricing is $230 for the 20L KUDU and $200 for the 10L.

Chase Bike Vest

The Chase bike vest is at the opposite end of the spectrum from the new KUDU. It’s a minimalist pack designed for going fast and light. A 1.5L Crux bladder is included, which leaves 2.5L of storage space. Without the bladder, the Crux weighs a scant 330g.

A good chunk of the storage space is located on the front of the pack, with pockets on both straps. One side has a large zippered pocket that might be a bit tough to access while riding. The other side has a zippered pocket as well, but adds a mesh pocket for stuffing with gels or snacks.

Camelbak designed the Chase to ride high on your back, giving you access to jersey pockets underneath, making it a great choice for endurance racing. Sponsored athlete Geoff Kabush has been rocking the Chase this summer at events like the Breck Epic stage race.

The Chase will retail for $100. Both the Chase and KUDU will be available in early 2018.

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