Nerves of a Champion with Matt Jones and Gee Atherton [Video]

Matt & Jono pay a visit to Dyfi Bike Park where Gee Atherton helps Matt release his brakes and dial in some new tricks.

From Matt Jones Design & Conquer, Episode 3:

It is not all smooth sailing when one decides to do something for the first time ever. After his initial success, Matt encounters a “brick wall” trying to dial in his tricks. Not only does his endeavor present a physical but also a tough mental challenge. Pushing through requires some expert advice and who better to talk to about thriving under pressure than Gee Atherton from @The Athertons. Matt & Jono pay a visit to Dyfi Bike Park where Gee helps Matt release his brakes.

About Matt Jones Design & Conquer

MTB slopestyle star @Matt Jones is no stranger to world firsts. Follow him on his journey to land three never-before-seen tricks and watch as the tricks go from his imagination to reality.

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