Marla Streb’s mountain bike skills camps in Costa Rica

Photo by John Ussenko

Anyone else out there ready for winter to be over? I’m looking outside this morning at the five inches of snow we got yesterday and can’t help but think I’d rather be somewhere warm and tropical. Then out of nowhere, I receive an email from Marla Streb who is in Costa Rica getting ready to put on her mountain bike skills camps there this summer.

The camps sound like much more than just practicing drills and getting a guided tour. Here’s what Marla herself has to say about it:

The 3 day, 4 night camp is all-inclusive, so you get personalized skills clinics, lodging, meals, zip-lines, surfing, yoga, wild animal parks, jungle epics to waterfalls… andyou’ll be riding a sweet Orbea Occam freeride rig. There are women’s only camps on the schedule as well. Just bring your helmet, sunblock, and sense of adventure!

Not only do you get to ride in a tropical paradise, you’ll be mastering mountain bike skills like doing manuals over obstacles, braking techniques, and climbing effectively all while being led by a world cup champion! I think meeting and riding with Marla in a more personal setting would be a real treat, I have always been inspired by her passion for mountain biking after reading her biography. I am sure that passion will be evident in how she runs the skills camp.

I can’t think of a better way to spend my summer vacation. Check out Marla Streb’s website for camp dates and reserve your spot soon! Until then, keep thinking warm and tropical thoughts.