Formula TheONE MY10 MTB Brakeset Preview


Hi folks, not too long back I wrote about the Formula RX brake set and since then I have really been enjoying the great modulation and awesome power. I recently installed a set of sintered pads in place of the stock organic ones and the performance has been pretty amazing. But wait, this little article isn’t about the RX brakes but the new 2010 THE ONE brake set. If you thought the RX brakes were impressive wait until you take a look at these!

THE ONE brakes utilize a patented forged caliper that encases huge 24mm caliper pistons to generateber amounts of stopping force. I am sure that those of you who follow what’s new and hot on the the slopes and World Cup events have heard about THE ONE. For those of you who haven’t, these are Formula’s top dog, no-holds-barred brakes for DH racing. At just 308g these are lightweight – very lightweight to be exact. In fact, with some brands it’s tough to find XC brakes this light! With rotor sizes of 160mm, 180mm, 203mm, 220mm, you’re sure to find the size you need.

Once I get these on my test bike I will have a chance to see how well they perform on the mountain. Formula claims THE ONE brakes modulate extremely well and if the RX is any indication I’m pretty sure these brakes will blow me away.


Taking a peek at the construction I have to comment on how small and tight the overall package is. Talk about really shaving weight where you can – the forging process allows these brakes to achieve a small form factor without loosing any strength. Compared to other brakes, THE ONE’s forging process results in tightly squeezed metal molecules, resulting in a more dense, stronger, and uniform material to start the machining process. The only drawback to this is the higher cost of manufacturing and thus final retail cost. Once the weather gets better I will give everyone the skinny on THE ONE’s.

Here are some of the highlights:


  • Forged radial master cylinder (M/C)
  • Patent-pending high capacity, integrated reservoir
  • Removable handlebar clamp
  • Flip-flop master cylinder assembly
  • Dual M/C bleed ports for easy-on-the-bike-bleeds
  • Forged aluminum lever blade (optional carbon)
  • Laser etched logos
  • MiXmaster available


  • Patent-pending forged one-piece post mount caliper
  • Huge 24 mm caliper pistons for amazing power
  • Top vented caliper allows for wheel on pad changes and eliminates overheating effects
  • Bottom vented caliper pistons provide additional cooling
  • Laser etched logos
  • Top loading pads simplify pad changes

Thanks to the folks at Formula brakes for providing these brakes for the article.