Enduro Word Series Zermatt in Photos: A Two Stage Affair

Putting on a race amidst the pandemic was bound to be difficult. EWS Zermatt was successful despite freezing temps and virus concerns.

With frigid temperatures and low fog cover in the morning, the 2020 Enduro World Series kicked off with a series of delays and stage cancelations. The cozy cafes around Zermatt were packed with riders sipping coffee and checking their phones repeatedly for updated start times. Everyone was wondering if the show would go on, or if they would all roll home to quarantine for two weeks without a competition.

Fortunately, an even colder front blew in and lifted the fog enough to show the night’s newly fallen snow. The race was delayed by a few hours, stages were canceled, and the remaining two start gates were moved down track to keep riders below the freezing zone. Shortly after the first EWS 100 riders went off the rain quieted to a light drizzle and the pace heated up significantly.

Katy Winton is no stranger to poor weather.
Series organizer, Chris Ball, checking in with the teams pre race.
Mechanics recheck every last bolt before to the start.
Some of the riders clearly checked the weather report before leaving home, and packed proper winter attire.
Matchy matchy with the mountain ashy.
A large contingent of Italian athletes made the trip north. Andrea Garella wasn’t afraid to test the rock grip in this fast turn.
Plastic bags warmed hands, feet, and torsos.
The mean lean on some of the few flow turns in Zermatt.
Full commitment.
Most of the racers were wearing some shade of mud on Sunday.
This was all we saw of the Matterhorn.
Winton launching the rock drop.
Then immediately sprinting to finish the day in fifth position.
Not all scrubs are shaped the same.
A brief rest before the finish sprint.
Hopping to smooth out the line.
The best costume award goes to…
Florian Nicolai having a seat toward the end of the stage.
Nicolai launching back into action.
Jesse Melamed looked liquid smooth on track, finishing atop the elite podium for round one.
Gauvin came in 24th on the day despite looking strong on stage two.
The transition back to racing wasn’t kind to everyone. Fortunately the pilot is okay.
Caro Gehrig tossing herself into 12th position.
Let’s hope for less of this at the next two rounds.
Elite WomenElite Men
1st Isabeau CourdurierJesse Melamed
2nd Morgane CharreMartin Maes
3rd Ella ConollyTheo Galy
4th Anita GehrigJack Moir
5th Katy WintonJose Borges