Dzil Ta’ah Adventures Organizes Unique Bikepacking Trips in the Navajo Nation [Podcast #297]

Jon Yazzie and Nadine Johnson own Dzil Ta’ah Adventures, an adventure travel company based in Arizona. A full-blooded Diné, Jon and his team run bike trips on Navajo land, and use the proceeds to help fund a local youth cycling program.

  • What makes land in the Navajo Nation so special and unique? What is the riding like there?
  • Why did it take so long to receive permits for conducting bike tours on Navajo land?
  • How were you able to adapt your tour business in the time of Covid-19?
  • What is bikerafting, and is it different from bikepacking? Do you combine the two on your trips?
  • How are your trips set up? What is the cost?
  • Do you provide history and context to the landscape as a part of your tours?
  • In addition to yourself, do you employ others as bike guides?
  • What role do you think tourism can play in terms of boosting the local economy?
  • What is the goal for the Navajo-youth bike program you are supporting?
  • Is there one thing you wish more people could understand or know about the Navajo culture?

Learn more and get in touch at, and follow them on Instagram @dziltaahadventures.

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