2021 Snowshoe Women’s Elite XCO World Cup Race Photos and Results

Evie Richards ran away with the elite women's World Cup cross-country race in Snowshoe, finishing more than a minute and a half ahead of second place.
Temperatures were in the low 70s for Sunday’s race, and the full sun quickly sapped riders’ energy. Athletes will take any bit of shade they can get, including at the start line.

Evie Richards ran away with the elite women’s World Cup cross-country race, finishing more than a minute and a half ahead of second place. The rest of the top ten was similarly spaced out, with a roughly 20-second gap between each finisher. It wasn’t that way during the entire race, with close plenty of close action unfolding along the course.

Evie Richards looks calm and confident at the race start.
Mechanic Brad Copeland watches the start of the women’s race.
Rebecca McConnell didn’t let up during the race.
Jolanda Neff looked focused and strong all afternoon, finishing ninth.
Parts of the XC race course were incredibly technical.
Anne Tauber from the Netherlands finished third.
Sina Frei placed fourth.
Kate Courtney pulled out of the race early for a rare DNF.
Anne Terpstra skirts the only mud puddle on the course.
Martina Berta picks her way through the boulder field, where there were no easy lines. Some riders took the ride-around option, which added a significant amount of time.
Olympic Gold Medalist Jolanda Neff was hard to miss as she made her way around the course.
American Lea Davison had a strong finish after a challenging season.


  1. Evie Richards
  2. Rebecca McConnell
  3. Anne Tauber
  4. Sina Frei
  5. Anne Terpstra