We hear about womens mountain bike skills clinics all the time but the Dirt Series program (put on by Rocky Mountain Bikes) sounds a little different. While most clinics focus on getting women comfortable riding off road, the Dirt Series wheelie drops, log jumps, and techniques for climbing super steep pitches.

The Dirt Series is held in different spots around the US and Canada from Whistler to Santa Cruz to Park City, UT. Since the program stared in 2001 more than 5,000 riders have completed the clinic and most of them are probably kicking mens’ butts as we speak.

Boston.com published a good run down on womens MTB skills camps and clinics and points out that many programs teach trailside repair, nutrition tips, and fitness instruction in addition to skills and technique. Some programs also offer decidedly feminine touches like post-ride massages and catered luncheons but I guess that’s ok 🙂

Ladies, start doing your research now for a summer skills clinic tailored to your MTB skill level and interests – there seem to be plenty of choices out there!

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  • Dirtchick

    I just finished a 3 day skills camp with Gene Hamilton of BetterRide.net and Wow, what a coach. I have to say he is the most well read, well spoken MTB dude I have ever met. His ability to break down the skills to little digestible pieces and inspire the students is amazing.

    3 days is the perfect amount of time, it allowed me to shut out the rest of the world and focus on biking, by the third day I really felt a clear focus and as I mentioned above, I was bummed out this morning when I got up and realized camp was over.

    Gene did a great job of getting to know everyone by first name, that was very important to me for a number of reasons
    – Each time he called out my name to tell me I did something right I felt really good inside and it allowed me to stamp that feeling in my head. Also the excitement and happiness in his voice when he noticed one of us doing something right was very noticeable. Thinking back right now I can clearly remember him telling me I nailed the rear wheel lift or how smooth and calm I was on the downhill switchback. Oh yea and I remember seeing the fear in his eyes when I almost went over the handlebars during the braking section…

    Since he was continually calling out our names, it was easy for me to remember the other students names. Which made the camp even more fun because I was able to connect with the other riders easier.

    This was by far the best use of both money and time in regards to my mountain bike training. Its 3 days of my life I will never forget…

    Check out BetterRide at http://www.betterride.net for the skills you wish you had learned when you first started.

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