Back in January Singletracks moved into a new office in downtown Decatur, GA, and we’ve been busy–working–ever since. Believe it or not, running a mountain biking website is a lot like any other desk job… except we get to talk about trails and bikes all day long! Here’s a photo tour of Singletracks HQ.

Blue Spruce Ventures is the company we set up that includes Singletracks, Tripleblaze (a camping & hiking website), and other web projects we’re working on.

This is Jeff’s weekday workspace. Greg works full time from the foothills of the Appalachian mountains at his home near Dahlonega, GA. This fall Greg plans to relocate to Salida, CO, which will make our monthly face-to-face meetings slightly more difficult to execute. 🙂

We stock all our t-shirts and contest schwag right here in the office. In the top right of the photo above you can see the custom coat rack created from SPD pedals and cassette sprockets.

Daydreaming about Singletrack. Working on a website about mountain biking will never be nearly as exciting as riding a mountain bike!

View from the office. The historic Decatur courthouse and bandstand make for a great backdrop. To the right of the courthouse (not pictured) is a pub called the Brick Store Pub that Beer Advocate rates “world class.” In fact, it’s the only pub I know of to receive a perfect score in the Beer Advocate rating system.

The city of Decatur is one of only four Bicycle Friendly Communities in the state of Georgia, according to the League of American Bicyclists–and bike culture is alive and well here. The bike rack pictured above is located in front of our local bike shop, Decatur Bikes (right), which is just two blocks from the Singletracks office.

The Singletracks office as seen from Decatur square.

Singletracks isn’t a big operation, but at the very least we like to think of it as quality over quantity. Our job is enabling mountain bikers to find the best trails to ride and the best gear to buy, and we love what we do!

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  • Fitch

    Home sweet home. Congrats on the move… and the location to primo beer!


    Thanks for this awesome website and all the effort to making it a better place for mountain bikers.

  • arkinet

    Nice office! I’ll see if I can swing by when we’re on our way to florida(road trip from denver) in 2 weeks. Love to try those shirts 🙂

  • schwim

    Wow, very jelly of both your digs and your occupation. Thanks for letting us see!

  • mtbgreg1

    I’m going to miss my monthly visits to HQ! The Rocky Mountains out my backdoor will have to console me 😉

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