Finding time to ride during the work week can be hard. Between family and work commitments, time is the most valuable commodity. With fitness and bike skills being rented and not owned, it can be hard to keep the weekly mile count average up. So why not get creative and mix up your commute? Whilst not pure trails miles, the time in the saddle can help keep your fitness up, and all time on the bike is good time.

Plus, you get ridiculously good at track stands.

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  • Mr Mojo Risin

    I came to this realization last fall. Only being able to ride once a week if I was lucky and maybe 3 times a month at best was killing my fitness levels. Riding a long travel dual suspension bike wasn’t feasible for my commute so I bought a semi-inexpensive gravel/cyclo bike. The rewards of this have been plentiful. I won’t get into the boring details but my fitness is the best it’s ever been and my mental state of mind, being able to ride nearly every day, is the best part of all.

    • Callum Kellie

      I used to cycle commute religiously before I moved 20 miles from work then it became more sporadic and confined to the longer summer days. Then after a change in the parking situation at work I realised I could half and half it and not be any slower. Good times.

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